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Question: what is rheumatic disease.

Dr. Xu:

Rheumatoid disease is referring to affect bones, joints, and the surrounding soft tissues, such as tendons, slippery bursa, fascia, etc. A group of diseases, etiology is diversiform, such as infectious, autoimmune and metabolic, internal secretory, degenerative, geographical environment, genetic, etc.  An important part of arthritis caused by various reasons, but limited to arthritis of the rheumatic diseases. 


Compared with many common diseases, rheumatic disease research because of their late start, the majority of their etiology and pathogenesis is unclear.

Question: Why is your treatment so effective and, result so immediate?

Dr. Xu:

TCM believes that "pain is caused by barrier in blood circulation". Such barrier may be caused by cold wind or dampness or even AC in summer.  Human blood is just like liquid oil which can mover easily when it is warmed up and slow down when it gets "cold" and thick.

The best way to help blood circulation is to physically warm up the pain area by therapy massaging or applying herbal essence paste.  My approach is to do the physiotherapy with my family secrete prescriptions together to achieve the best result.


Question: Can I try with a small order?


Dr. Xu:

Sure, you can try.  I am very confident that you will love it even when you try once!  All my guests decide to stay with me for the entire treatment, and they are are happy to introduce their friends and family members to me.  Therefore, my clinic is not only mushroomed in China, but aboard also ----- ALL CONTINENTS have my agents now.  I am thinking to start a franchise soon.


Question: Where are you? Can I come and visit you?

Dr. Xu

Of course!  I am currently in Guangzhou, China now.  Guangzhou is used to be called as Canton, which is very close to Hong Kong and Macau.  My main clinic is only 8 minutes driving distance from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, and there is a fairly good hotel just next door to my clinic.  The hotel will give a discount when the reservation is done through my clinic.

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